BUDGET OPTIONS, ONLY $550 each plus zone fees!

Our square draped canopy (a generous¬†8 1/2 ‘ wide x 7 1/2′ deep-height is adjustable from 7.5′ from 8.5’) is the perfect design for families with a small budget who want eye catching features on their special day.

Add your own traditional elements and embellishments.

DESIGN 1: Rent this Mandap design exactly as you see it here for $550.00 plus zone fees (florals not included).

Detail of the beautiful swag

DESIGN 2: Canopy with rhinestone drops. Embellishments, furniture, pipe and drape not included. Rent this design for $450.00 plus zone fees.

DESIGN 3: Swirl Swag canopy as shown, add your own fabrics, flowers, pipe and drape and furniture for a complete look. Rent this design for $450.00 plus zone fees.

DESIGN 4: Simple Elegance Canopy adorned in one or more of six custom fabrics and/or valance. Rent this design for $550.00 plus zone fees.

Mandap Fabric Selections

Our Custom Valance for Draping


Our custom mandaps are a statement of individuality, beauty and elegance. We will work closely with you to tailor make the mandap fit your personality, style and color scheme. Your vision will be captured using different accessories such as flowers, lighting and backdrops.

Our promise is to ensure you have a unique and inspirational mandap on your very special day. From an intimate ceremony to a large wedding extravaganza, we are able to make your special day truly memorable. Great emphasis is put on ensuring your ideas and wishes are turned into reality and that your day is a complete success and one where memories are cherished with pride and joy.

The clients’ choice helps us determine which style is used and what the cost will be. We have an array of mandaps that can be custom designed for you. Call for Quotation: 410-549-5490.