Are there restrictions on setup at the venue?

Setup is typically restricted by the physical constraints of the room in which the ceremony occurs. Any stage must be at least 8′ x 8′. There should be at least 8″ clear behind the chuppah, with a clear 8′ ceiling. Low ceilings and overhead chandeliers and light fixture may interfere with set up.

We have accommodated locations with uneven ground and even over steps. If you suspect we’ll have a problem, it’s best to discuss the situation with us first.

We do like to park our vehicle as close to the room as possible. Please let us know in advance if there are obstacles to load-in, such as remote loading docks, stairs with no ramps, uneven terrain or other conditions which will impede a speedy setup, as we will need to allow more time to arrive and stage our cart in the correct room. If the ceremony is in a location with limited or paid-only parking, you must arrange parking with us in advance. Details, details…